On-grid Solar PV System
On-Grid Solar PV System

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A Solar On-Grid System is the simplest way to reduce electricity bills. It includes solar modules to convert solar radiation into electricity during the day and an on-grid inverter to supply electricity to the load or sell the excess electricity to the grid through net-metering or feed in tariff schemes.

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On-grid Solar System

Key Features and Benefits:

On-grid Solar System, its solar panel kits, are designed to provide a complete energy solution for residential and commercial roofs. The PV system is composed of solar modules, inverters, mounting systems and other necessary accessories. All the components are from the top-class manufacturers, and ensure the highest energy yield and maximize your return on investment.

- High performance and reliability

- Top quality components

- Easy installation and low installation costs

- Very low maintenance & Long lifespan

- Environmental and user-friendly


  • No dependency on government electricity power.
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On Grid Solar System

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A solar system which works with the grid is called on-grid, there are three components in this system, such as #1. Panels, #2. Inverters, #3. Installation Kit. The main purpose of installing an on-grid solar system is to save electricity bill.